Based on the information from the profile sketches and layout, a 3D exterior surface model will be created. Besides all the major surfaces of the yacht this model will also show all the exterior deck layouts with details such as seating arrangements, wet bars, Jacuzzi’s, railings, masts, etc. With all details added to the computer model it becomes a very valuable tool for visual judgment of all the aesthetic aspects of the design. The 3D model is the base for high resolution computer renderings and allow the Owner and yard to review the design from any position and direction. Besides, CAD drawing of the layout plan will be prepared more realistic for better visualization and comprehensible view.


Based on general arrangement and Owner's requests, 3D interior model of the yacht can be developed by ARKYACHT's high-skilled designers. The renders will show the space which is available in reality, and the complete indoor atmosphere with selected concept of furniture, upholstery etc.


After finalizing the 3d model of the hull and superstructure, ARKYACHT engineers determine what the main dimensions of the structural elements can be. The information that is generated in this stage is based both on the requirements from Class combined with the wishes of the Yard. This is primarily about the strength and stiffness of the vessel. At this part of the project a Classification Society -which is preferred- is heavily involved. All construction is modeled completely in 3D, thus it is possible to check the construction, also for weight and correct size, before it is even build.


Construction, section and expanded&nested plate drawings will be prepared by the ARKYACHT's engineers to start construction. Together with a building strategy the construction parts are placed in the right construction order to make the work on the floor as easy as possible. Also the other plans and drawings, whether asked from Classification Society or construction team, is prepared by ARKYACHT's design team.